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Christopher presents

Cycling at Cote d’Azur

Discover the Joy of Cycling with LAZUROWER – Your Guide to Adventure!
Individual and group tours on-road and e-bikes.

Christopher presents

Cycling at Cote d’Azur

Discover the Joy of Cycling with LAZUROWER
Your Guide to Adventure!
Individual and group tours
on-road and e-bikes.

Let’s get to know each other

Hi! Salut! Cześć! I’m sending colorful greetings from the town of Antibes on the French Riviera…and I invite you to visit! This warm, fragrant place will detach you from your gray everyday life so much that you won’t want to come back. I came here and found my purpose – to share and make as many people happy as possible. :)

I will organize road bike tours for you, with your family, friends, or alone, through the most beautiful part of France, the aforementioned Côte d’Azur, or the French Riviera – including Nice, a city famous for its beautiful promenade, colorful houses, and amazing beaches; Cannes, known for the International Film Festival, but also for its beautiful old town and beaches; Monaco, the city of princes, luxury yachts, and casinos; Saint-Tropez, a charming town with beautiful beaches and charming streets; Antibes, also beautiful beaches and a historic old town with the Grimaldi castle; and the amazing landscapes around the town of Eze.

The offer is aimed (but not exclusively!) at road cycling enthusiasts, especially those who value not only challenges on the route but also beautiful landscapes. The cycling routes in this area are boldly called Romantic Cycling. They offer unforgettable experiences for experienced and novice cyclists – for example, the route from Nice to Menton offers breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea and surrounding mountains, picturesque villages such as Saint-Paul-de-Vence, Eze, or Gourdon that enchant with their architecture and charming streets.

Climbing Col de Vence or Col d’Eze is a challenge for cyclists who want to feel like they are in the Tour de France race but also admire the beauty of the French Riviera up close. <3

I will arrange transport, help with insurance and accommodation. Bring your own road bike or rent one on the spot! And not only road bikes but also electric bikes or *a big, comfortable 7-person “LAZURENO” (yes, a car) for group tours…and hiking tours. You decide. Contact me, I’ll plan something!



One day trips by car with Lazurower. Here are some wonderful days you can spend under my care :

French Elegance

Discover the true essence of the French Riviera as you journey from the charming Menton, through the renowned Principality of Monaco, to the picturesque village of Eze. Immerse yourself in the history, culture, and cuisine of this captivating region.

Beyond Beaches&Palms

Step back in time as you explore charming towns like Saint-Paul de Vence, Gourdon, and Grasse. Learn about the history, architecture, and scents that shaped these areas before the era of tourist booms.

Cinematic Riviera

Visit iconic film locations such as Saint Tropez and Cannes, uncovering the history and beauty of these places. Feel like a movie star on the Red Carpet of the Cannes Film Festival and follow in the footsteps of famous productions.

Italian Riviera

San Remo + Dolceacqua. Embark on a journey to Italy to discover the beauty of San Remo and Dolceacqua. Experience Italian culture, history, and cuisine while enjoying picturesque views and a unique atmosphere.

Verdon Gorge

Adventure in the Heart of Nature. Experience an unforgettable adventure in the Verdon Gorge, exploring its scenic landscapes and crystal-clear lake. Immerse yourself in nature, enjoying opportunities for swimming, photography, and discovering extraordinary corners.

Azure Stable
Road Bike Rental

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  • Piekarnik Ride 😈🥵🏖️
    On 2024-07-23 09:01 went 83.86 km during 03:30:14 hours climbing 1,293.00 meters burning 2,055 calories.
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    On 2024-07-22 19:52 went 41.47 km during 01:33:16 hours climbing 57.00 meters burning 779 calories.
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    On 2024-07-21 08:57 went 64.69 km during 02:29:39 hours climbing 148.00 meters burning 1,238 calories.
  • TdF Bajzel Ride 🥱
    On 2024-07-20 08:45 went 48.48 km during 01:54:12 hours climbing 534.00 meters burning 1,108 calories.
  • Skoroświt Ride 🥱
    On 2024-07-19 06:27 went 86.95 km during 03:58:15 hours climbing 1,496.00 meters burning 2,206 calories.

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