Gravel Stajvelo Roca – options and customization

2023-07-19, 08:25


Gravel Stajvelo Roca – options and customization

2023-07-19, 08:25



Today, I invite you to conclude the adventure with the Gravel Stajvelo Roca from Monaco.
I discuss the experiences with this bike and present one of the personalized configurations – the brand offers such a service, making this model even more unique.

It’s a great opportunity to stand out from the crowd. And for me, a chance to explore the beautiful French Riviera from a slightly different, gravelly perspective :)

Soon, I hope, there will be a continuation of this adventure.

Details about the bike:

If you would like to acquire such a machine – feel free to contact me!
Thanks for your attention, see you in the next episodes!

See you soon!

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