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My partnership with French Riviera Like a Local so far has been a great success, and now we are pleased to introduce our new fleet of electric bikes from the renowned Monacan manufacturer, Stajvelo. Bikes are available in the distinctive colors of French Riviera Like a Local: elegant blue and deep burgundy. They are the perfect companions for exploring the beauty of the French Riviera. Whether you’re working on your physical fitness or simply want to explore these charming places in a different way, our electric bikes are the ideal choice.

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Electric Bikes
French Riviera Like a Local

Nomades bikes from Stajvelo – The ideal ally for your daily trips

“The Nomads is the most versatile electric bike in our range. Built for the daily routine and city scene, it has all the advantages relating to your daily use. Thanks to the Nomads you save time for all your trips. Equipped with mudguards and luggage racks, it is your new essential accessory for riding around town.”

Nomades (unisex) and Nomades R (men’s) bikes are lightweight electric bikes with carbon frames. They come with built-in combination locks, bags that can be used as shoulder bags, fenders (rain won’t stop you, but just in case – you’re covered!), and most importantly, helmets! We also offer chargers for longer trips. The handlebars come with a built-in computer, odometer, power meter, and lighting (including rear lights).

The bikes feature SRAM mechanical derailleurs, a single front chainring, and an 11-speed drivetrain. Universal tires. Equipped with durable MAGURA MT Sport disc brakes. The handlebars are equipped with elastomers that absorb shocks on uneven terrain, providing extra riding comfort.

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City/Electric Bikes
Lazurower Bikes

Orbea Vibe Electric Bikes

Urban style electric bikes. Additional batteries included, with a range of up to approximately 80km (depending on riding style and terrain). Ideal for exploring the coastal towns of the French Riviera.
Available sizes:

  • Women’s M (~165-170cm height) *temporarily unavailable,
  • Men’s M (~170-180cm height) *temporarily unavailable.

Triban 120 Gravel Bikes

A versatile bike for any terrain, perfect for both coastal promenades and excursions to other areas of the French Riviera.
Available sizes: S / M / L. *temporarily unavailable


Electric Bike – € 85 / day

City Bike – € 50 / day

Rower Typ Rozmiar Cena Rama Napęd
Nomades R (e-bike) Men’s L / 56 € 85 Carbon Carbone 250W – Couple 70 Nm
Nomades R (e-bike) Men’s M / 54 (~17,8kg) € 85 Carbon Carbone 250W – Couple 70 Nm
Nomades (e-bike) unisex L / 56 € 85 Aluminum 250W – Torque 75 Nm
Nomades (e-bike) unisex M / 54 (~19,2kg) € 85 Aluminum 250W – Torque 75 Nm
Nomades (e-bike) unisex S / 52 € 85 Aluminum 250W – Torque 75 Nm
Orbea Vibe (e-bike) unisex M (170-180cm) € 85 Electric
Triban 120 Gravel unisex M (175-180cm) € 50 Manual
Triban 120 Gravel unisex L (180-190cm) € 50 Manual
Triban 120 Gravel unisex S (165-175cm) € 50 Manual

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Rower elektryczny w zestawie z: wbudowany zamek; opcjonalna torba bagażnika (z możliwością odpięcia i transportu jako torbę); opcjonalny kask.

Waga roweru elektrycznego: Męski rozm. M ~17,8kg, Unisex rozm. M ~19,2kg

Wynajem roweru elektrycznego: €85 za 1 dzień za 1 rower.

Wynajem roweru miejskiego: €50 za 1 dzień za 1 rower.

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Azure Stable

Oh, do I have to pack and bring my own bike?

  • Absolutely not! Whether it’s the first day, the last day, or throughout your entire stay, I will organize routes, locations, attractions, and provide a properly fitted bike just for you.

Can I rely on you? Will the bike not fall apart?

  • Definitely. It’s my life. The bikes are well-maintained, serviced, and carefully chosen to fit the location and requirements. I won’t let you down.

Are the bikes available at all times?

  • Unfortunately, they’re not. My services are becoming increasingly popular over time. The Azure Coast is accessible all year round, it’s a beautiful place, and it offers some of the best cycling routes. The calendar fills up quickly. Contact me now, write or call. We’ll talk without any obligations.

Where can I pick up the bikes?

  • Once we agree on the excursion, I’ll most likely bring them to the agreed-upon location. You don’t have to worry about anything. Just enjoy your stay.

What’s included with the bike?

  • Me. Miles of beautiful routes. I always have a repair kit with me. The bikes are equipped with locks. You can purchase or rent a helmet, and even shoes, at a friendly store!