Fournil Zielinska, or Fat Thursday à la Niçoise !

2024-02-08, 17:00


Fournil Zielinska, or Fat Thursday à la Niçoise !

2024-02-08, 17:00



Today’s episode is very tasty – Polish Fat Thursday is a perfect opportunity to finally visit our compatriot – Dominika Zielinska – whose delicious bread and other baked goods enjoy quite a bit of fame on the French Riviera.

Together with Aleksandra, we visited the atmospheric establishment under the sign of “Fournil Zielinska” to convince ourselves, with our own taste buds, of the truth in all of this :)

How was it? You probably guessed, but just to be sure, take a look at the tasting reports.
There’s someone to listen to, there’s something to look at, and most importantly – there’s something delicious to eat!

We thank Dominika for her superb hospitality – we can’t wait for the next visit.
From the bottom of our hearts (and stomachs), we recommend this charming establishment in the old town of Nice!

More information on the establishment’s website:

and on Instagram: @zielinska_fournil

Thank you for being with us!

See you in the next episodes!

Krzysiek and Ola

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