Bikefitting 3D – How Does It Look, Is It Necessary, Is It Worth It?

2023-07-02, 14:24


Bikefitting 3D – How Does It Look, Is It Necessary, Is It Worth It?

2023-07-02, 14:24


Have you ever wondered why some cyclists seem to be perfectly in sync with their bikes? Why does their ride appear smooth and efficient while also being comfortable? The answer lies in a process known as 3D bike fitting, which ensures the perfect bike position, optimizing performance, joint health, and riding comfort.

I was invited to a session and decided to try it out for you. It was a fantastic adventure! I’ve already ridden over 7,000 km this year, and I feel better than ever, despite recently crossing the magical threshold of 40 springs. :)

Bike fitting is a service that focuses on adjusting the bike to the cyclist’s body. The main goal of this process is to eliminate discomfort during the ride and prevent injuries resulting from an improper bike position. With the right bike position, we can also achieve greater pedaling power, translating into higher speeds. This is crucial for both professional cyclists and enthusiasts who aim to improve their performance.

In Poland, there is a unique place where you can benefit from the advanced 3D bike fitting technology— Ursynów in Warsaw. Thanks to this advanced technology, not found anywhere else in Poland, it is possible to perfectly match the bike to your body dimensions. The process involves adjusting the position of shoe cleats, saddle, handlebars, and other bike components. Sensors placed on both the cyclist’s body and the bike allow for precise alignment between the two.

Why choose bike fitting at First and foremost, they utilize the most cutting-edge technology in the world. During the process, 20 sensors, 4 cameras, and a program developed by physiotherapists, anthropologists, and top specialists in biomechanics are used. Moreover, the team has over 20 years of experience in cycling, ensuring high-quality services. It’s no wonder that professional cycling teams like Movistar use 3D bike fitting.

If you’re curious about the exact process of 3D bike fitting, I invite you to watch a YouTube video that presents all the details. You’ll learn about the benefits of professional bike position adjustment and whether it’s worth taking advantage of this service.

For more information about this and other services, visit the website There, you can also schedule a visit to their professional studio in Warsaw, located at 63 Rosoła Street.

Check them out on social media as well:



Thanks for the fantastic meeting! Greetings to the entire Roadbike team! See you in the next episode!

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