Taking care of your figure and nutritional options in romantic cycling.

2023-02-12, 15:12


Taking care of your figure and nutritional options in romantic cycling.

2023-02-12, 15:12



Today, in response to your questions, I’m returning to nutritional and sports topics. I’m talking about how I eat, how I maintain the right body mass for me, and what I do to develop not only my legs but also the rest of my body comprehensively. I’m sharing with you my favorite YouTube channels, which are currently my inspiration in the field of nutrition and general development exercises. Currently, I’m addicted to watching a proponent of natural bodyweight exercises and a fan of “clean eating” – YouTube@kboges, and for topics on simple methods for healthy eating, I recommend the channel – YouTube@drbartekpl.

These two examples perfectly illustrate how little is needed to feel good and be able to overcome our own barriers and limitations. It’s worth remembering that each of us is different, and what works for one body may not work for another, and all the advice included here should be, of course, confronted with your own abilities.

If you have any questions on this topic, ask them in the comments – I’ll be happy to share my numerous experiences!

Currently, at a height of 175 cm, I weigh 75 kg – 76 kg, and these are optimal values for me.

Thanks for your attention, see you in the next episodes!

Best regards, Krzysiek!

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