Cycling shoes from Cafe du Cycliste – first impressions

2023-02-24, 14:54


Cycling shoes from Cafe du Cycliste – first impressions

2023-02-24, 14:54



First of all, it’s worth adding some missing information, or rather emphasizing the fact:

Both shoe options are produced in a unisex version – the same for boys and girls. The size is what matters! :)

This time, a practical episode – together with Aleksandra, we introduce you to new cycling shoes from the French clothing brand Cafe du Cycliste. There is one road option and one gravel option to choose from, so the number of potential dilemmas is reduced to a minimum. The shoes, produced in collaboration with the Swiss brand Suplest, seem to be solidly made and will definitely appeal to classic enthusiasts – as evidenced by the laces used in them. Is it worth spending 300 euros on them? We leave that decision up to you. As was well said in one of the episodes of – there are expensive things on the market, not necessarily technologically advanced, that have cheaper counterparts on the market, but we still want them – if only because of our love for the brand. This is a perfect example of such a product.

Let us know if you want more reviews like this.

You can purchase the shoes on the Cafe du Cycliste website:

Thanks for your attention. See you in the next episodes. Have a good day!


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