LB le Chocolat – Cycling Visit to the Land of Chocolate!

2023-03-23, 20:47


LB le Chocolat – Cycling Visit to the Land of Chocolate!

2023-03-23, 20:47



Today, along with your favorite Aleksandra, we invite you on a delicious trip to LB le Chocolat – a tiny chocolate factory located in the town of Mougins on the western part of the French Riviera. We take a closer look at the company headquarters, the process of producing wonderful treats – just perfect on the first day of spring and on the eve of Easter – as evidenced by a special assortment present on that day “in production”.

Get to know this place better:

And my film companion:

We would be happy to organize such a visit for you as the quintessence of the irreplaceable Romantic Cycling that we practice bravely and promote together on this channel :)

We invite you to contact us and, of course, to visit us in the south of France – this is just the tip of the attractions that await our guests!

Thank you for your attention, see you in the next episodes!

Cycling Foodies – Krzysiek and Ola.

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