Èze Village – is it worth visiting this town by bike?

2023-01-29, 15:05


Èze Village – is it worth visiting this town by bike?

2023-01-29, 15:05



Today, I invite you on a short trip to the medieval town of Eze – yes, the one known to all cyclists from the higher Col d’Eze – a climb present, among others, on stages of the Tour de France held on the French Riviera.

I’m checking whether it’s worth going on a road bike, in full cycling gear.

Are the narrow and steep streets of the town friendly to cycling enthusiasts marching in road shoes in this case? We will find out in this episode!

Beautiful architecture adjacent to unique nature – that’s what this place is all about. Join me for a quick tour!

Thanks for your attention, see you in the next episodes!

Best regards, Krzysiek

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