Paris – Nice 2023: Report from the Finish!

2023-03-15, 20:40


Paris – Nice 2023: Report from the Finish!

2023-03-15, 20:40


Behind us are the first Cycling Holidays under the MJ Pro Tour patronage – organized during the Paris – Nice race and planned in such a way that the participants could witness its finish with their own eyes.

After Saturday’s ride as part of the amateur edition of the competition, we’re ending Sunday and the entire trip by cheering on the finish line located on the Promenade des Anglais.
We arrived in the town just a few minutes before Tadej Pogačar triumphant arrival at the finish line – join us for a short report from these great moments.

So, see you soon on the French Riviera?

Thanks for your attention,
Have a good day!


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