Menton – an alternative base for a Cyclist with Family.

2023-02-28, 15:42


Menton – an alternative base for a Cyclist with Family.

2023-02-28, 15:42



Today, a short response to a comment from one of the viewers who, encouraged by my videos, took his family – including children – on a cycling trip to Nice and was somewhat disappointed.

It turned out that the capital of the French Riviera is not entirely friendly to school-aged youth – which I actually agree with. So, what is the alternative?

Menton – a picturesque town on the French-Italian border. Huge sandy beaches, wide streets and promenades, proximity to Italy and Monaco, as well as the attractive Fete du Citron festival in February. I recommend this place if you are looking for an interesting alternative to Nice for a vacation that will be enjoyable for every member of the family. It’s also a great base for cycling!

You can read more about this place in the Lazurowy Przewodnik:

If you’re looking for accommodation in this city, feel free to reach out to me – I have valuable contacts there. :)

See you in the next episodes. Have a good day!


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