Guests, namely Michał Kempa on Col de Braus and Col de Turini.

2022-09-01, 23:12


Guests, namely Michał Kempa on Col de Braus and Col de Turini.

2022-09-01, 23:12



We have reached September, which means changes in shifts :P Families with children are leaving southern France, and their place is taken by cyclists – they benefit from less traffic on the roads, more accessible temperatures, and lower prices for accommodation and flights. The bag of visits is somewhat spontaneously opened by Michał Kempa, who wrote to me on Instagram a few days ago, more or less like this: Hey, I’m coming on Monday, we’re going to shoot something?

I like such messages, so taking advantage of a gap in my schedule, I agreed to the invitation, and so on Tuesday, we could get to know each other a little better – there is no better way to build a relationship than spending 8 hours together in tight cycling shorts, panting and gasping shoulder to shoulder, or frame to frame :P

To the point – I asked Michał about his most important goals, and the famous Col de Turini was the first to come up. The designated route also includes the spectacular serpentines of Col de Braus, together creating a very pleasant trip, which you will see in this material.

Emotions, admiration (although carefully hidden), filming, chatting, and eating – there is something nice for everyone :)

Route record on Strava:

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