Lazurowe Visit: Mateusz and Ola at Gorbio and Col de la Madone.

2023-04-18, 16:41


Lazurowe Visit: Mateusz and Ola at Gorbio and Col de la Madone.

2023-04-18, 16:41



Today I invite you on a short trip with another one of our guests!

This time we were visited by Mateusz Machalski, whom we have known from Warsaw for a long time. Mateusz is a graphic designer, branding expert, lecturer, and a curious world traveler. Unfortunately, unexpected bad weather on the Madone prevented us from having a longer conversation with our guest, but we will make up for it during his next visit.

Meanwhile, I invite you to check out Mateusz’s work:

That day, together with Ola, we visited Menton and Gorbio, and then just the two of us went to Col de la Madone. And although it started out hot, the end was quite different :)

The record of that day on my Strava:

Thank you for your attention, see you in the next episodes :)

Regards, Krzysiek

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