Cycling in Nice: Mont Boron + Coco Beach!

2023-03-05, 15:02


Cycling in Nice: Mont Boron + Coco Beach!

2023-03-05, 15:02



After an atypical week without much sunshine, the blue skies and strong spring temperatures have returned to the French Riviera! It’s high time to visit some more great places by bike!

Today, I’m taking you on a local tour of the eastern part of Nice, which can be done both on two wheels – classic or electric, as well as on foot or with the help of a car/bus. These few kilometers of tourist trail will allow you to see the capital of the French Riviera from a beautiful and highly impressive perspective.

I’m starting from Port Lympia, and taking the main road up to Mont Boron Hill, from where you’ll be able to see not only Villefranche Sur Mer, but also Nice and almost the entire western French Riviera. A wonderful viewpoint for admiring sunsets is located in a park full of attractions, which I sincerely recommend visiting.

The second part of the video is a descent to sea level and a glimpse of Coco Beach. Rocky shores, crystal clear water, a beautiful backdrop in the form of the Exotic Garden – the perfect place for a romantic picnic or a swim in the sea, as well as an address where you can take exceptionally beautiful photos. It’s definitely worth a visit – even in season, it’s not a particularly crowded place – most people flock to Promenade des Anglais.

Recording of this day on a bike:

Of course, the places I visited are described in the French Riviera guidebook:

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