Picking up my bike for the Ultra Duch Puszczy: Gravel 220km :)

2023-06-04, 10:47


Picking up my bike for the Ultra Duch Puszczy: Gravel 220km :)

2023-06-04, 10:47


Today, I invite you to join me as I pick up my bike for the Ultra Duch Puszczy – a cycling event in Podlasie, organized by Tobiasz Jankowski. I have a very close relationship with Tobiasz, which was established right at the beginning of the pandemic events.

I’m picking up the bike at the manufacturer’s headquarters –  www.stajvelo.com – a brand you will hear more about on this channel. That’s all for now, more details will be shared in this and future content!

Brand website:  https://www.stajvelo.com

My bike: https://www.stajvelo.com/en/content/173-roca1

Interested in purchasing a Stajvelo bike? Feel free to contact me!

See you at the start of the Gravel 220km: https://ultraduchpuszczy.pl/

Thank you for your attention, All the best! Krzysiek

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