About Lazurower

Hi! <3 I’m Krzysztof (Christopher) Jędrzejczyk (“yen-jai-chick” or “yen-jay-chick”) and I am Wellcome You to my story! LAZUROWER is a combination of words LAZUROWE (“azure” coast) and ROWER (bike) and it well reflects the essence of the whole project – I would like to bring you and other guests closer to my vision of cycling – colorful, full of joy from practicing sports and discovering the beauty of the world around us and meeting wonderful, open and joyful people living on our common planet. Bicycle trips, conversations with interesting people, some equipment and clothing recommendations. I hope that content will bring you a lot of joy, and more importantly – it will be an inspiration to enjoy life – which in today’s rushed world, we often forget! I’m currently on the Côte d’Azur in France, where I moved in search of better weather. This is such a beautiful place! Would you like to visit southern France? Have a nice adventure on a bike? Talk to me! I’d love to be your guide. <3 Best regards, Krzysiek (Christopher)
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