1000km by bike in 6 days – Waldas (Adam): The limitations are in your head!

2023-04-11, 15:49


1000km by bike in 6 days – Waldas (Adam): The limitations are in your head!

2023-04-11, 15:49



A few days ago, I received a message from “Lazurower” on Instagram: “Krzyśku, I’m coming to you from Germany, let’s meet in the area on Tuesday.” Somewhat surprised, I agreed to the invitation. Finally, we met on Thursday at the famous Casino in no less famous Monaco.

The guest – a traveler turned out to be Adam, better known as Waldas. He came from Bavaria to the French Riviera on a gravel bike, which took him a full 6 days (about 1000km). I went to meet him to chat a bit… about life :) Waldas is a very interesting character – a bodybuilder, pianist, enthusiast of life and fulfilling dreams, despite apparent obstacles and limitations. His actions show that “life is simple” and it is worth defying the stereotypes that limit us.

He has a YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/@waldektvp5291

He is also present on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/waldektvp7/

Definitely an interesting character. We invite you to a report of our meeting. Perhaps it will be an inspiration for someone to act and enjoy the beauty of the world around us, which we have recently forgotten a little.

Thank you for your attention and warm regards! Krzysiek and Waldas!

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